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Welcome! We are NeoLight, a startup medical device firm comprised of a team of engineers and business experts working out of Arizona State University’s SkySong Center. Currently, we are developing a phototherapy device for the treatment of infant jaundice. You can read details about our company on our or our website or our LinkedIn page, but this blog will focus on sharing interesting news and research in the medical device industry.


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Why Are We Letting Babies Die?

Here at NeoLight, we wanted to take the time to discuss this article. Here is a ten-month old boy who is blind, deaf and quadriplegic. He was rendered nearly helpless by neonatal Jaundice in a country where there is a cure but he was diagnosed too late. Because of the resources in the United Kingdom, his story is rare; but in Africa and Southeast Asia, this is all too common. In Africa, 219 babies with jaundice are untreated every day. And in Southeast Asia, this number is even more alarming, with 1,249 babies missing out on treatment daily. When these babies are not treated, they risk developing the same sort of handicaps as the boy in the article, or they die.

Assam babies

Why is this lack of treatment so large? Why are so many babies suffering? Current devices are expensive, costing hospitals in maintenance and upkeep as well as the upfront price which is approximately $3000 just to manufacture, and that’s on the low-end. The devices use 70watts of electricity, which is problematic for countries with inconsistent electricity access. And the current devices have four major side effects: erythema, weight loss, dehydration and skin irritation. Current devices produce a lot of heat, resulting in these side effects, and as a result, babies have to be monitored closely while be treated in the incubators over the course of 2-5 days. Some countries just don’t have the staffing, money, or electricity to handle this treatment and so babies are not treated at all or are treated insufficiently. In some places, a group of babies are placed under a single light-bulb and that passes as treatment.


Holding Your Baby May Save its Life

Babies born prematurely are at risk for organ failure, weight loss,   and death due to their fragile state. Kangaroo Care involves skin-to-skin contact between the newborn baby and a parent, usually the mother. The baby wears nothing except a diaper and is placed directly on the parent’s chest with a blanket of rag placed across its back. This allows for the baby to regulate its heart rate with the parent and usually induces sleep.


This article shows mothers in Tanzania who successfully used the Kangaroo Care method to save their babies. Here at NeoLight, we fully believe in Kangaroo Care. Our new product, designed to cure neonatal Jaundice, is small enough to fit on a bedside table, allowing for the baby to be treated in the same hospital room as the mother. This allows for her to hold her baby every once in a while and practice Kangaroo Care along with the other methods of treatment being used on her baby.


Have you heard of Jaundice?

Jaundice left untreated in a newborn can cause cerebral palsy, brain damage and even death. Most babies, 6 out of 10 globally, have jaundice but if treated right away or if the baby is afflicted a few days after birth, generally, they are alright. But since jaundice has such a high neonatal rate and since death is a possibility, testing newborns for jaundice is important. Yellowing skin is a clear indication of Jaundice, but sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not the baby really has jaundice.

baby-74163_1280According to the University of Washington, a new cell phone app has been designed by physicians and engineers to detect jaundice in newborns in only a few minutes.

Jaundice is caused by rising bilirubin levels as the red blood cells break down. According to this article, the app BiliCam can detect the bilirubin levels by taking a photo on the newborn’s stomach and communicating with algorithms on the cloud. Results are then sent to the parent’s phone. Some hospitals have noninvasive tools for testing jaundice, but the beauty of this app is it can be used at home. Sometimes babies are sent home with their parents while their bilirubin levels are still rising. Using this app will allow parents to track the levels and bring their child back to the hospital if necessary.